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Maypole Chinnbrook Children's Centre Birmingham

kerry1Maypole & Chinnbrook Children’s Centre merged on 1st April 2016 and is overseen by the Grendon and Billesley Nursery and Family Centre Group.
GBNFC incorporates Grendon Nursery, Hollywood Pre-School Day Care, The Chinnbrook Centre and MCCC.

Children’s Centres offer all families with children under five years a range of services, information and support in their local community.

The support varies according to local needs but includes:

• Advice during pregnancy and when your baby is born
• New Birth visits
• Information about your child’s health
• Groups and activities
• Parenting Support
• Family Support
• Training courses to improve your life skills or help you to return to work
• Signposting and introduction to other organisations and services

All our sessions are guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework where children learn through play. Children are given opportunities to thrive and learn by feeling valued and supported in our settings.

Our Community Workers follow the interests of each child by planning a natural and stimulating environment with a balance of adult guided and child led activities.
Providing high quality planned experiences for children’s play is an important way for adults to support children’s learning that is both enjoyable and challenging. When children play, they are learning at the highest level.
Play can extend certain areas of their learning for example developing language skills by promoting talk between children or introducing new vocabulary that they use and act out in their play.

The Family Support Team has a wide range of skills and experience and we run a variety of groups and events within the local area.

Because  Maypole & Chinnbrook Children’s Centre is “virtual” many of our activities are run from the schools, nurseries, community centres, and churches within our reach area.

All of the events run by the Children’s Centre will be advertised within the local community. If you do not receive any information about the activities and would like to, please email us  and we will add you to our information emailing list.
We can be contacted easily by email by phone on 0121 464 4189, 0121 675 9347 or by using our Contact Form

We are currently accepting new referrals.  If you have a child under 5 years old and would like the Family Support Team to offer support packages please do let us know . If you would like  further information please don’t hesitate to contact me on the contact details above.

Many Thanks
Kerry Huntley – Centre Manager